All About Skin: Night-time Edition

     Today I’m walking through my nighttime skin care routine. I have seen my grandma and mom use everything under the sun to protect, cleanse and prevent aging of their skin. To be honest, I never really cared much for the next “best skincare product.” I used to just go to the drugstore and pick out the cutest bottle of face wash and lotion. (oops…)

     However, as I got older I noticed my skin beginning to become sensitive to certain products, found myself dealing with super dry skin and saw breakouts in stressful seasons of life (hello, college!). I had been hearing a lot about Tula products and once I did a little research, I was sold.

     So here’s my go-to nighttime routine. I realize this may not be ideal for everyone but here is what seems to be work best for me right now.

Step 1: Wash | TULA face cleanser |Shop: TULA Face Wash

This cleanser takes off every last bit of makeup from a night out full face to the simplest swipe of mascara. Plus, it is super gentle and doesn’t bother my eyes or leave my face feeling dry.


Step 2: Cleanse | GloPRO Cleansing Wipes |Shop: GloPRO Skin Prep Pads

These wipes came with my GloPRO and they are awesome. They prepare the skin for the micro-needling and make sure the skin is at its cleanest.


Step 3: Micro-needling | GloPRO |link: GloPRO

I then use my GloPRO in alternating directions all over my face and neck for about a minute and a half. I noticed some redness right after, but I promise, it goes away quickly. Also, I’ll admit I was a bit intimidated at first to use this tool, due to all the tiny needles, but this treatment is completely painless.

Here’s what this product claims to do:

  • Help the skin absorb more product.
  • Stimulates natural collagen production.
  • Helps prevent and get rid of wrinkles.

Here’s what I’ve noticed: (I’ve used since Christmas 2-3 times per week)

  • My skin feels smoother.
  • My complexion appears more even.
  • My skin appears more firm.


Step 4: Treat |TULA Face Serum |Shop: TULA Face Serum

I apply 1 pump of this to my face and neck.


Step 5: Eyes | TULA Eye Products |Shop: TULA Eye Renewal Serum  | TULA Revitalizing Eye Cream

Next, I apply both eye creams in a triangle under my eye area. Pro tip: if you keep your eye cream in the fridge, it helps to de-puff eye bags quicker in the morning and feels so good on the skin!

Step 6: Moisturize. | Tula face lotion |Shop: TULA Face Lotion

            Last, I apply this face cream to my face and neck. This is the HOLY GRAIL of all face lotions and I swear if it’s the only thing I ever out on my face I would be pretty content. I’ve re-purchased this product again and again and will continue to do so.

   The Real Deal

The GloPRO is pricey… I asked for it for Christmas and have zero regrets. I use it for prevention of wrinkles and just to help my skin appear firmer and toned, and I have noticed positive improvements. Next on my list is the lip attachment.

     I also realize the Tula is a heftier price tag, but it is worth it. Take it from the girl never spent more than $8 on drugstore skin care. Thanks to Tula, I can now confidently walk out the door with absolutely no makeup on 9/10 times a week thanks to these incredible products. I’ve also seen a huge improvement in the evenness of my skin tone and I don’t deal with dry skin at all anymore. I started small with one of the sale discovery kits and then began to collect each product as I could budget them, one by one. My first box of Tula was from a sale on QVC. Check there first if you want a good deal!

Secrets to the Steals:

-First time customers with Tula and GloPRO will receive 15% off with email.

-Check for deals on Tula products.

Thanks for reading!

Let me know what products do you swear by in the comments below.


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